26 June 17:30Norrsken House

More and more startups originate from the idea of making an impact in the world. Building sustainability into its DNA right from the start. But how do you find a sustainable business model that supports both profit and impact?  

This and more will be discussed, when our partner PwC invites you to an evening where you'll get to meet and listen to entrepreneurs, startups, investors, and experienced advisors from PwC. Here are some of the questions on the agenda:

  • How do you succeed in a sustainable business?
  • How should you think regarding the business model?
  • How do you measure a sustainable result?
  • How do you find investors and what do they look for?
  • How do you avoid ”Greenwashing”?


Peter Hellqvist
Tax Partner - PwC Sweden

Peter is a Tax Partner at PwC Sweden. He works as an advisor to Private- and Family owned companies and Startups. He have helped Niklas Adalberth and Norrsken, amongst many others with their set-up. His passion is to work with people and organisations that do real Impact. 

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Erik Engellau-Nilsson
CEO - Norrsken Foundation

Erik has a background from Klarna where he was CMO and VP of Comms. He was also responsible for Klarna’s launch in the US. Since January 2017 he’s now CEO of Norrsken Foundation and Member of the Board for the Norrsken Foundation Found.

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Estelle Westling
Founder & COO - Grace Health

Estelle is a proven business builder in emerging markets and has a long background within business development and communication. In 2013 she launched Kinnevik-backed in Ghana, established as more known than youtube with a team of 70 employees. Estelle holds a M.Sc. from the Stockholm School of Economics and MBA from Duke University. Estelle loves being outdoors, in both summer and winter and has co-founded a book club.  

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Petter Wallberg
CPO - Healo

Impact-driven entrepreneur and angel investor. CPO of Healo, a HealthTech company providing tools for healthcare professionals to manage, monitor, and guide patients self-care treatments, from screening to recovery, to optimise impact and outcome in real-time. 

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The Agenda

17.30 Check-in and mingle
18.00 Screening of "Our Planet: How to save our forests and rewild our planet" a documentary made by a collaboration between Netflix, Silverback Films and WWF. 
18:15 Panel discussion
19.00 Let the mingle begin


Norrsken House

We are a non-religious, non-partisan, non-profit Foundation with a strong belief in Effective Altruism. We support and invest in both for-profit businesses and non-profit organizations, whichever we believe is most likely to have a positive impact on society. Although we are based in Stockholm, Sweden, we see ourselves as world citizens.